everybody can make a difference...

Change starts by changing one's own mind - this is something everybody can do. So let's get started...

Take the venture to think

The essential act of thinking about the serious problems of our global living together is your most important contribution. Take your time to reflect about the "big questions" and spare time on playing around with the newest Apps or updating your Instagram. In particular, focus on the consequences of your personal behavior and attitudes for other people outside your immediate reach. Those who really made a difference had a collective starting point. They sat down to think. 


You don't need a right of free opinion if you have no opinion.

Exchanging beliefs, assessing arguments, and learning about opposing ideas is one of the most productive experiences. Tackling the big questions makes sure you urge others to take a stand on the

urgent issues of our time. Making People seriously argue for their position is the easiest way to trigger a thinking process.

Stay informed

Proper opinions need proper information. We should always take the time to gather balanced information also about those latent issues out of constant focus but potentially affecting billions of people. If you really want to know about a certain topic you have easy access to manifold information sources. At our website we continously propose books we think are interesting regarding our prime topic, economic moderation.

Don't be a conformist

There are too many people who make themselves comfortable with challenging nothing. They regard their rights and material welfare as a means to live an undisturbed life and forget about the duties coming along with them. Instead, we should feel obliged to interfere in what we personally think goes wrong and deserves public discussion. Again, this requires to first think and second form a sophisticated opinion.

Reach out to decision makers to put economic moderation high on the agenda

The state government and your local representative in particular have been elected to represent you and need to respond to you. Don't hesitate to bring up your concerns about insatiable economic demands. Confront them with specific examples of the consequences of economic immoderation and hold them against political decisions of fostering the ever more-attitude. Add an accurate question to your plea, asking how the government intends to approach the problem you have advanced and how your local representative exercises his or her influence to contribute to a solution. Don't let you be fobbed off with the commonplace.

Feel free to contact us for any advice we might be able to offer you. In fact, IMEB continously contacts decision makers in many countries to argue for economic moderation.

Join locally

Obviously, the best way to make an effective difference is continuous engagement within your everyday reach. A number of studies show that short-term volunteer work abroad is far less helpful. A one year volunter stand in Africa might look impressing on your CV; however, your local impact would probably have been much more effective. Later on you might decide to support those who suffer from immoderate economic demands on the spot. It's all about where and how you can really make a difference, not where and how to  impress others for the sake of yourself.     

Realize there is more than optimizing your CV
This is especially to our own generation:

We should concern ourselves with fields beyond the bounds of career management. From all sides we are drilled to win awards, to receive more honors than our peers. We are educated to be self-centered and always prevail against the enemies to our future successful life. Forget about such advice for a moment and grab the chance to delve into fields you are really passionate about. The more every member of a generation knows the more will he or she be able to contribute to the tasks lying ahead. People who prefer to solely pursue a way to finance their intended lifestyle won't likely be capable of telling much to us.