getting involved

Your mark in the movement

IMEB is no registered organization you can formally join. It is a non-hierarchical initiative you automatically join by supporting and living the ideas it spreads.

The day you stand up for a way of living that breaks with the "ever more"-doctrine and connect with like-minded people you join the international movement of numerous NGOs, private initiatves, and sensitized individuals fighting for giving the idea of moderation its break.

Getting involved is no formality. It's dedication!


That is not to say you cannot directly support IMEB.

It is so important for us to become known. Tell others about IMEB, about its ideas and enthuse them with what we do. This alone is the greatest thing. In fact, it's exactly what we are doing all the time - telling others about IMEB, starting discussions about consumption and our economic standards. Our aim is to make people think about their personal demands. This is what you can do.


If you can spare some additional time we are overgrateful if you hand out our flyer in the city you live in. For further information,

please contact us at


You can make your first mark by clicking here.


 Any questions? Have an email written to