a little bit about ourselves...

We have initiated IMEB to make a substantial contribution towards making people actively think and discuss about their personal economic demands. We experience an excessive and growing demanding attitude in all rich parts of the world. This culture of ever more, unmindful of the consequences it entails, was our incitement to stand up for a  new sense of moderation and found IMEB in 2011.

IMEB is run by current and former students of the Universities of Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim, and Heidelberg, respectively. While most of us live in Germany, we also have quite some outreach to Europe and overseas.

In line with our self-conception and ideals about how a young and small initiative should operate, we refrain from making ourselves the very center of IMEB. All that is important is what we are campaigning for. We have thus decided not to provide detailed profiles of our founders. By imposing this self-control we hope to make IMEB speak for itself and avoid any misuse of our initiative. However, more detailed profiles are available upon request.

These are things you might want to know:


  • Our founders have a wide spectrum of academic interests, ranging from medicine to philosophy. A majority focuses on Political Science and Economics and has been academically concerned with IMEB's sphere of action for years.
  • IMEB and its founders are totally independent of any political, religious and financial motifs. We are neither financed by nor do we actively participate in any political or religious group. We are about our substantiated objectives.
  • We volunteer our time for IMEB.
  • We are organized in a non-hierarchical way. By now there is no leading decision-making body or formal statutes. At this early stage of development IMEB serves as an impulse for thinking about economic demands. Everybody is free to participate as long as he or she shares our conception of "only content matters, not persons".
  • IMEB is a long-term enterprise. We seek to grow slowly but steadily, always aiming at making as many people as possible think about their personal economic demands. In the course of our development our loose organization body will structure. 

For further questions feel free to contact us at contact@imeb.org!