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"Why has this potentially self-destructive system of our economic arrangements lasted? Probably because of habits of restraint, honesty and moderation."

Tony judt

Based on the settled conviction that developed societies need to establish a sense of moderation in both inidvidual acting and political decisions, IMEB aims at making people to think about the impact they have as consumers.

We live in abundance, powered by insatiable demands to own more and more, fly off every year, always have the newest things.

But not in the slightest are we willing to discuss the effects and admit our contributions to child labor, economic exploitation, and destruction of the earth. And, even more, we wouldn't even dream of doing without excessive consumption.

We have come to be firmly convinced that all abundance we live in is something we deserve. We hide behind a smokescreen of seeming awareness of the problem, yet refusing unwaveringly to relinquish any wealth. Are we too selfish to moderate?

It seems beyond us to even imagine a different sort of society. A society of moderation, of thinking individuals who truly face up to the problems they are constantly causing.

IMEB refuses to accept people do cannot change. It needs endurance. But it's still possible to alter people's minds. It's essential for our future.

IMEB was founded to contribute to a world of moderation.