what is it all about?

Well. it's all about you. The Initiative for Moderate Economic Behavior is an appetizer for your mind. It is all about triggering discussion and making people think about their personal economic demands. 


Take the following as a starting point.  


In a world confronted with unprecedented challenges a new sense of moderation among those countries taking the lion's share in global wealth is a quintessential answer to many problems. Having multiplied our economic prosperity in the last four decades many have acquired the attitude that all the wealth we possess is something we naturally deserve, something that is due to us. It's not only that we are unwilling to share our abundance. What should concern us is the stance towards our economic demands. We deem it a personal right to get everything we want and can afford. And not in the slightest do we care about the consequences. We have infantilized ourselves instead of living up to the responsibility we should undertake as citizens. It's abusing our freedom to solely use it a guarantor of  wealth. Liberty comes with responsibility. 

  • We are still unable to adopt the necessary measures to effectively fight climate change because we are unwilling to relinquish any parts of our abundance. Because we are insatiable, we have learnt to take a short-term view.
  • We see growing economic disparities in the world but cannot close the gap because our wealth to some extent bases on exporting subsidized goods to the poorest countries and exploiting their resources.

It is a responsibility of free citizens, of those having all available resources, to think about the consequences of their consumption decisions. Of the fate of those we exploit to satisfy our demands, of all future generations weighed down with the load of a planet hostile to life.  

We don't have a right to consume more and more. We have a responsibility to be moderate.


The Initiative for Moderate Economic Behavior is dedicated to

  • Making people think about the consequences of insatiable consumption. Our goal is to raise a discussion about our personal economic demands. 
  • Implementing a sense of moderation. We don't need everything we desire, but there are people in the world who need much more than what we concede to them. 




September 2015 Have a look at this new documentary: "Landraub" by Kurt Langbein.

July 2015 A new study of the effects of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions is published in Science. The lesson is clear: The oceans have reached their limit to withstand man-made climate change.

June 2015 The new documentary THE TRUE COST looks behind the concept of fast fashion. Director Andrew Morgan follows the exploited Bangladeshi garment worker Shima Akther who can see her little son only once a year.

The movie shows the abyss of ignorance of Western shoppers towards the lives of those who produce their cheap clothes.

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