some older postings of interest...

August 2013: Have a look at this documentary: Apple Stories


July 2013: Russia and Ukraine have stopped the biggest Antarctic conservation area. 

May 2015 Have a look at this new study. The Club of Rome has published a report on the future of the world's tropical rainforests.


September 2015 Have a look at this new documentary: "Landraub" by Kurt Langbein.

July 2015 A new study of the effects of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions is published in Science. The lesson is clear: The oceans have reached their limit to withstand man-made climate change.

June 2015 The new documentary THE TRUE COST looks behind the concept of fast fashion. Director Andrew Morgan follows the exploited Bangladeshi garment worker Shima Akther who can see her little son only once a year.

The movie shows the abyss of ignorance of Western shoppers towards the lives of those who produce their cheap clothes.

You may want to look here.