Facts and Figures

each quarter, we present some interesting facts here

                      Autumn 2015   Disposable world...


1/3 of sand grains at British beaches are, in fact, crumbled particles of plastic.


1.3 billion tons of food decay each year globally. This is a third of the whole food production.


20.000 pieces of scrap longer than ten centimeters are wafting through the earth orbit.


46.000 pieces of plastic waste can be found at each square kilometer of our three big oceans.


265 million tons of plastic were produced in 2011.


1000 tons of rocks need to be quarried in order to extract one ton of copper.


600.000 tons of electronic waste per year is produced in Germany alone.


800.000 liters of sewage are produced during one week on a cruise liner. 13.000 liters is oily wastes.


313 kilograms per second are trashed by Germans alone.





 Sources: Eurostat, Plastic Planet, European Commission, UNEP, IETC, Federal Environmental Agency, BVSE, FAO



September 2015 Have a look at this new documentary: "Landraub" by Kurt Langbein.

July 2015 A new study of the effects of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions is published in Science. The lesson is clear: The oceans have reached their limit to withstand man-made climate change.

June 2015 The new documentary THE TRUE COST looks behind the concept of fast fashion. Director Andrew Morgan follows the exploited Bangladeshi garment worker Shima Akther who can see her little son only once a year.

The movie shows the abyss of ignorance of Western shoppers towards the lives of those who produce their cheap clothes.

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